Beard Transplants

Check out James Harden with no beard!

The 2015 NBA Playoffs is fast approaching and the competition is starting to heat up with just a couple of weeks away from the first round. It seems as if the Golden State Warriors will be leading the way for the Western Division while the Atlanta Hawks are clearly on top in the East. There [...]

See how Willie Robertson looks without a beard

An education can go a long way toward building a good future. While this statement is not entirely full proof, it has a good chance of coming true. Being able to understand what it takes to excel at something does not have to be in academics. Just going for what makes a person happy should [...]

What does Zach Galifianakis look like with no beard?

The Hangover was probably one of the funniest movies of 2009. Who can forget that scene where the friends woke up after getting wasted the previous night only to find a tiger in their hotel bathroom? The next surprise they found was a baby in the closet. They all did not have a clue how [...]

How to grow a thicker beard

Men have limited ways to express themselves when it comes to their faces. Aside from styling their hair in certain ways and a few well-placed piercings there really is not much to do. Women on the other hand have so many ways to appear different or fashionable. The use of make up alone can provide [...]

How to grow a full beard

Being able to keep up with the trends can be demanding at times. It might be dressing up a certain way or getting the newest gadget. This can also be seen when people wait at long lines to try the newest restaurant or watch the latest movie. Whatever it may be, doing the in thing [...]

How to create the Van Dyke beard

Men have a need to express themselves whether they are conscious of it or not. They find different mediums to do this in. It could be through their work, sports, art or their fashion sense. An example of a man who has been able to achieve different styles of self-expression is the seventeenth-century Flemish artist [...]

Secrets of the Chin Strap Beard

Style is something that reflects personal preferences. It is a clue into what is appealing to someone. There really is no exact guide as to what should and what should not be done when it comes to a person’s fashion sense. What is in vogue one season might be seen as faux pas in the [...]

What do Duck Dynasty look like without beards?

Everyone loves a good story of how a man is able to overcome his jaded past to emerge triumphant from it all. Dark times are not supposed to stay. They are there to teach people to find the light in themselves and guide them through it. This gives a better appreciation of what truly matters [...]

How to grow a beard

There is admittedly an increasing trend these days on having more facial hair. It makes a man appear more masculine and virile. Growing a beard however is not as simple as buying a new outfit or getting a haircut. It requires time, discipline and patience. Which is why seeing another man appear more hirsute may [...]

What is beard oil used for?

Seeing more men with beards these days are on the rise. It is a trendier way to express oneself and is steadily becoming more and more fashionable. A man somehow appears more masculine with a full beard. Some associate it with a form of stature, while others attribute it to an embodiment of maturity or [...]

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