Looking good does not have to be limited to the fairer sex. Men can do things to improve their appearance as well. This can be accomplished through different methods such as getting a new hairstyle or buying new clothes. These alone can provide him with a variety of ways to create a more fashionable image. Nothing however can come close to what makes a man intrinsically masculine quite like growing a beard. It could be perhaps the best way to physically represent an imposing presence on a man’s face without it looking out of place.

Growing a beard might be easy for some to do. The common advice could be a simple matter of not shaving. This is what most would consider as the best way of achieving length. Anyone who is only seeking for it to grow long will be satisfied with this method. Those who are doing it these days however want more than just that. It should also look appealing and fashionable. Finding ways to make it appear this way is of course subject to personal tastes. Despite this, there are also general guidelines to increase its length while maintaining their individual preferences.

Beginning with a good growth is important before shaping it. Nothing is more crucial than the first month after deciding to start on this new image. Offering words of encouragement would surely be helpful but providing some facts on what to expect might be more beneficial. Any man should begin with a good mindset right from the beginning. Patience is the key trait that he must have if he would like to achieve his end goal. There would be a lot of things that would make him waver in his resolution to grow his beard but he should exert all efforts to stay the course. He should be prepared to address these physical as well as mental challenges as it comes. Knowing what they are beforehand will definitely allow a man to know what to do when it happens.

The first thing that would be affected is the skin. Facial hair can tend to become a bit hard and bristly as it grows because of the ends that were shaved off. This can tend to curl back into the skin causing an itchy sensation. Scratching it often might only make things worse. This might break up the skin underneath causing it to flake. Those that neglect to wash and moisturize their face regularly are more susceptible to this occurrence. No one wants white specks to appear on their growing beard. Those who would like to avoid this just have to be mindful to stick to a daily routine of washing their face, moisturizing it and refraining from scratching it as much as possible.

What could perhaps be the most challenging aspect of beard growing is the mental side of it. A man might at times feel bombarded by the constant unsupportive comments of his immediate circle. These are the people who are used to him having a clean-shaven appearance. They are the ones who feel most uneasy looking at a seemingly unkempt appearance while the beard is growing. These remarks might even come close to actually convincing a man to shave his beard off. He must however stay resolute to see his decision to grow it until the end. Should he really believe that a bearded look is not for him, he must give it a few days before actually doing so.

After having accomplished the task of growing a beard to a certain length, it is now ready to be shaped accordingly. Shaving below the Adam’s apple can establish a good neckline. Anything above this might look a bit awkward and unnatural. The sides of the face should likewise appear well balanced by trimming it a bit past the outer sideburns. Having created this standard outline would allow a man to trim it to match his style as it grows.

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