Beard Transplants

How to trim a beard

Styling a beard is finding a balance between good fashion sense and cleanliness. Growing it is certainly a trendy thing to do these days. Accompanying this increase in length however are some maintenance challenges. How a man can go about keeping himself well groomed while at the same time, successfully conveying the look that he [...]

The guide to growing a beard

Looking good does not have to be limited to the fairer sex. Men can do things to improve their appearance as well. This can be accomplished through different methods such as getting a new hairstyle or buying new clothes. These alone can provide him with a variety of ways to create a more fashionable image. [...]

How to shape a beard the right way

Having good fashion sense and growing a beard might have been considered separate things in the past. Most men who had beards in previous decades were not really conscious with their appearance. They had long beards mostly for the sake of it and not really to appear more stylish. Fast-forward to today’s trends and almost [...]

NFL’s Brett Favre grows an awesome beard

NFL legend Brett Lorenzo Favre is a retired American Football Quarterback who spent the majority of his illustrious career playing for the Green Bay Packers. Just recently however he has been the subject of renewed interest, bizarrely due to the growth of a new facial feature, his beard. Sure, we all know that beards are [...]

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