There is admittedly an increasing trend these days on having more facial hair. It makes a man appear more masculine and virile. Growing a beard however is not as simple as buying a new outfit or getting a haircut. It requires time, discipline and patience. Which is why seeing another man appear more hirsute may provoke a tinge of envy for some. They understand that there is a bridge that must be crossed between wanting a beard and actually having one. It is true that being able to do this is quite easy for some men. Those that find it a bit more challenging just needs to understand a few points to successfully have one.

The simplest advice might probably be to just put away the razor and wait for hair to grow. While this might convey the method with the most common sense, it does not provide a strategic way to achieve the desired outcome. Some may add basics such as exfoliating to take away dead skin cells, cleansing as well as moisturizing the face and applying products made of eucalyptus to encourage hair to grow. It is true that these can aid in that purpose however it takes more than just adhering to a daily maintenance regimen to keep the hair growing. A man also needs to consider other aspects of this seemingly natural function. There are more physical components that need to be added as well as some psychological considerations that must be set in place.

It would be helpful to determine from the beginning the amount of time a man is willing to wait to grow his hair. This would give him a clear target to aim for. To illustrate, developing a beard for a month has its own set of challenges. This would entail some patience from the itchiness that is sure to be felt due to some of the hairs curling back into the skin. A good number will experience this as early as one week after beginning to grow the beard but two weeks is when this usually occurs. The growth will start to become a bit unruly by the third week. Brushing it regularly might help it grow in the same direction. Using some beard oil in particular can help soften it as well. Trimming it in some areas might also be necessary to keep it well-groomed. A full month beard should be very noticeable but will not yet have grown to an appreciable length.

At around the second or third month will be the time when the beard would appear fuller. This is where the psychological aspect will come in. A good number of family members and friends may have had commented on how it appears by now, influencing the need to take it off. There will also be occasions when the temptation to do just that will come in. Deciding to do so however should never be on impulse. Wait at least one day for every month that it has grown. If it has been around for about six months, then a good week should be allowed to think about it before actually shaving it off.

How dense the beard will look is mainly dependent on genetics and age. It is quite a possibility that it still appears patchy despite following a good routine, keeping it groomed and refraining from urges to remove it. The use of biotin may be effective but it can also go so far. This goes the same for spray on hair thickeners which can tend to run when wet.

A new way to make it grow fuller by “filling-in” the spaces so to speak, is through follicular unit extraction or FUE. It basically uses the hair from the head or abdomen to increase the density of facial hair. Growing a full beard will be made easier through the use of this method. It is recommended to seek consultation to find out how an FUE procedure can best help achieve fuller facial hair growth.

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