Seeing more men with beards these days are on the rise. It is a trendier way to express oneself and is steadily becoming more and more fashionable. A man somehow appears more masculine with a full beard. Some associate it with a form of stature, while others attribute it to an embodiment of maturity or seniority. Whatever the reason may be, having it is fast becoming an essential element of a man’s style repertoire. It is an asset meant to enhance a man’s image, adding another element to his manliness.

Being able to complete this image goes beyond just growing hair. Making it look good during this process should also be considered. Trimming it as it grows is essential to shape it accordingly. Note that shaving off entire portions must be avoided until it grows to a certain length. Aside from regular brushing to help it grow toward the same direction, other aesthetic considerations should also be added. Ensuring that it has good body can be done through blow drying and conditioning it. One of the effective methods to use in particular however is through the use of beard oil.

Regularly applying this especially to long beards can help keep it smooth and tangle free. Its essential oils seep deep down and nourish the hair follicles underneath. This facilitates hair to grow into healthy strands instead of it appearing dry and brittle. The skin underneath also gets moisturized to prevent it from becoming coarse and flaked. This is something that those who grow their beards hope to avoid. Little white specks can certainly ruin the overall effect of a full-grown beard. It makes it look untidy and unkempt.

Using beard oil should be applied to the hair strands as well as lathered unto the skin. Pouring an amount the size of a thumbnail would be sufficient for a normal sized beard. This is to be massaged all the way to the roots, using the fingertips. Anything that is left should be distributed throughout the beard to give it a nice healthy glow. Combing the beard if it is long enough will help spread the oil, coating it from root to tip.

Having a good routine set in place will help ensure that a beard gets the proper attention it deserves. It might not be easy at first but all it really requires is a bit of awareness and effort. Applying beard oil in the morning will most certainly guarantee that it gets done. The frequency that it should be used might depend on the length of the growth as well as the climate. Some might be more comfortable using it once a day while others might need it every three days or so. There may be some oiliness to it after the first half hour but this should eventually dissipate once it is able to be absorbed into the skin and hair. This could be considered a brief sacrifice for a long-lasting benefit.

Those who are serious in growing their beards know that beard oil is an essential component for its maintenance and proper grooming. It can spell the difference between looking disheveled and appearing composed. This is something that should be used to enhance a very noticeable facial asset. Failure to do so might cause the beard to appear dry and neglected. It might also cause it to become unhygienic. This is the thing that a beard should never be. Being unclean can lead to skin breakouts or even lice and ticks nestling deep into its layers. Understanding how to properly care for a beard will definitely prevent this from happening. Using beard oil diligently is certainly a big step toward achieving this goal.

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