Styling a beard is finding a balance between good fashion sense and cleanliness. Growing it is certainly a trendy thing to do these days. Accompanying this increase in length however are some maintenance challenges. How a man can go about keeping himself well groomed while at the same time, successfully conveying the look that he wants might take a bit of discipline. It will be definitely worth it in the end because of the sure compliments he would receive. This would increase the confidence he would have in himself knowing that his efforts have paid off.

Trimming a beard is one thing, actually going about it is quite another. There are certain considerations a man has to understand before reducing the length of his hard earned facial hair. The general shape of men’s faces differs and what works for one man might be different for the next. Being able to determine what will best suit an individual can be challenging if preferential tastes are strictly adhered to. It is true a beard should conform to man’s personality but it should not be done to the point that it would look lopsided or awkward. Doing so would certainly defeat the purpose of having a strong looking, masculine appearance.

Creating a clean, sleek and precise looking beard might be something a man would like to keep in mind when trimming it. A line should be determined between appearing stylishly manly and just being plain untidy. This can be achieved by deciding where the perimeter of the beard will be. It is usually above the Adam’s apple where the growth should be limited. Anything below this imaginary line would have to be shaved off. This would provide a horizontal outline for the beard. Next is to delineate the vertical shape from the sides of the face to complete a more natural look. Shaving right at the jawline might not be the most recommended because this would create a box-like appearance. Shaping it from behind the sideburns, going down to the neckline would make for a good boundary. This should be further rounded out at the corners to create normal looking but neat look.

Establishing a good neckline is the most important thing to do when trimming a beard. Having facial growth should be controlled but it must not also appear too restricted. While most men think that shaving into the jaw or face area might make their beard look sleeker, it actually makes it appear a bit amateurish and slightly comical. It is similar to putting on an awkwardly tight shirt that would expose the belly button underneath. This is a very common mistake men would commit when giving their beard a trim. It is however easily avoidable provided that the neckline is clearly fixed.

To be clear, there are no hard and fast rules to growing a beard. Anyone is free to grow or shape it whichever way he wants. For the purposes of appearing more stylish however, there are certain recommended guidelines to follow. Those who do not mind the itchiness with growing their beards beyond the neckline have nothing to worry about. Neither do those who are doing so for the plain reason that they want it long and nothing else. Most of those who are growing their beards these days though need to adhere to certain parameters to achieve the desired effect.

A beard can definitely help create a new image for any man that would dare grow one. It is something that should be done at least once in their lives. Waiting for the perfect opportunity to do it might never come. The best time to do it however is now. Those that do grow a beard just need to keep in mind how to maintain it properly to make it appear well kept and as good looking as possible.

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