This hair transplantation technique can refer to one of two things – the extraction of hair from the beard for transplanting into the scalp, or the opposite – implantation of hair into the beard to make it appear fuller.

Both beard FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) techniques have their applications, however these applications are entirely different and it is important to clarify their uses to avoid any confusion between the two.

Using beard hair to hide the loss of head hair

A good hair transplant requires an adequate source of donor hair to be successful. Traditionally this donor supply is sourced from the more resilient hair at the back of the head, however many men find this source lacking, especially if they have used that source in the past during a previous procedure. Sometimes it can be appropriate to consider a body hair transplant (BHT), and many clinics that offer this technique prefer to use facial hair as the source for this, hence the term Beard FUE is used quite often to describe this option.

Using head or body hair to create a fuller beard

In recent years beard hair transplants have exploded in popularity, partly due to the growing preference for bearded men, but also because many men were simply unaware previously that it was possible to achieve a better beard through FUE. Donor hair is usually taken from the back of the head (although not always), and the results can be incredibly natural, particularly if your head hair density is high.

What about scarring?

One of the greatest advantages of beard FUE is the sophistication of the transplantation technique. Follicular Unit Extraction has been around for a very long time, and although it has only recently been used on the face, the principles are exactly the same. FUE is therefore a highly proven and efficient method of hair restoration.

Key to this becoming the industry standard, has been the minimisation of scarring in both the donor and recipient areas. Thankfully the technique has progressed to such an extent that scarring is virtually non-existent.

The following photos show an example of the first method, where beard hair was extracted from the patient for use in the scalp.

Before and immediately after beard FUE

5 days after and 6 days after shaving

As you can see, no scarring occurred and the patient is free to return to his daily routine with just two days downtime.

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