Something about having a good amount of facial hair can make any man appear more masculine. It is probably just how people are genetically predisposed to view a hirsute male. Growing a beard however requires some effort and patience. It might not make it past a week without the stubble being prematurely shaved off. A good amount of commitment and self-restraint must be practiced. Comments can come from all angles stating how unkempt or unsuitable it looks. This might eventually influence the beard grower to shave whatever growth he has, prematurely. He should stop himself from doing anything drastic however and give a few days of careful consideration before actually deciding to take it off.

Growing a beard takes time. There will come a point where the face will become very itchy due to the ends of the bristles curling back into the skin. Whether to shave it off or not becomes a challenge when this happens. The most a man can do is to brave through it. It is only a matter of time when these hairs start growing away from the face once again. With enough patience, the beard should begin to take shape a month after. Any kind of patchiness could be easily detectible at this juncture. There may be a chance however that it might get thicker if it is given a chance to grow for another thirty days or so.

Good grooming must always be practiced right from the beginning of this process. Everything would be counter-productive if the beard cannot be fully appreciated. People might only see how dirty and shabby the growth is if it is not cared for properly. Washing and conditioning it regularly will ensure that it appears well kept. Putting on some beard oil can also help make any amount of facial hair look healthy. This should be rubbed onto the bristles as well as the skin. Its moisturizing properties will make the beard more manageable and keep the epidermis hydrated. Brushing it from time to time can aid it to grow in the same direction. Trimming some errant hairs should likewise be done to make it look neater. These are but some basic maintenance tips to ensure that the beard stays nice and tidy.

Keeping a healthy lifestyle might sound a bit too general for a specific task such as beard growing. It is however, one of the most highly effective. Hair and nails are but an outer manifestation of inner health. Everything in the body gets nourished first before it can provide sustenance for these functions. Eating the right kinds of food, drinking plenty of water, doing regular exercise and getting a good amount of sleep all contribute toward faster hair growth. Not only will the beard become thicker but it would look healthier as well. Biotin supplements can also be taken as an additional aid.

Not all men will grow facial hair in the same way. Even with proper grooming and healthy habits, there may still be some that would have patchy beards. The main factors are still genetics and age. Those who are patient enough to go through one to two months of beard growing should also be honest with themselves. If the final outcome looks nothing like what they were expecting to come out then it might be better to just shave it off. Beards are supposed to enhance their appearance and not diminish it.

There is still hope however for those who truly want to experience having dense facial hair. The follicular unit extraction (FUE) method has been successful for increasing thickness on a balding scalp. This same procedure can also be used to create fuller beard growth. Healthy hair follicles can likewise be taken from the back of the head or even from certain parts of the body. These will be implanted unto the areas of the face to create a denser looking beard. Having an FUE performed is perhaps the best chance to grow the desired amount of facial hair aside from genetics.


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