Finding a suitable looking way to wear facial hair can be quite fun. There are just so many possibilities to choose from. It can be as simple as a small patch of hair to as large as a full beard. A man must not be carried away however when making his selection. His appearance always has to be within the bounds of good taste and should absolutely convey an air of class. It is understandable however that not everyone can hit the right look on his first try. There would be some times when a certain style looks better on the shape of his face. In these cases, he must be ready to admit if it appears suitable for him or not and to try again if necessary.

For some men, growing their beards long is not really the option they are looking for. Length does not always translate to having a better-looking beard. They do convey a powerful presence its true. Having a short beard however is just as impressive provided that it be worn with confidence. This is really the most important aspect of having facial hair. It will only look as good as how the bearer feels about it. A beard is a clear representation of masculinity, being self-assured while wearing it creates a greater impact on the overall image.

There are different short beard styles that a man can choose from. He can start with one of the simplest though not in the least bit stylish, the soul patch. This is just a small amount of hair that is grown at the center of the chin just below the lower lip area. It can be styled in a slender triangular fashion facing downward provided that it does not take up the entire length of the chin. This can be extended however into a chin strip beard. It is just a simple line that runs the entire length of the chin and stops just as it turns under the jaw.

One of the most popular short beard styles is the goatee. It essentially covers the entire chin area and can be with or without a soul patch. The jawline and cheek sections should not have any growth for this simple look to maintain its characteristics. The coverage is only as wide as the bearer’s mouth. A style that is opposite to this one is the reverse goatee. This covers the jawline and cheek area but not the chin. It is just like having long sideburns or mutton chops. Elvis Presley is perhaps one of the most famous people that have worn this type of facial hair.

There are other styles that require a bit more creativity and maintenance. The Balbo is formed using a goatee though it should look more like an upside down letter “T”. It can be worn with or without a moustache and always has to have its surrounding areas constantly trimmed to accentuate its appearance. A longer variation of this style is the Van Dyke. It is a very artistic looking design inspired by the seventeenth-century Flemish painter Antoon van Dyck. This would require that the goatee be grown out as well as the moustache. They should not be connected just like the Balbo. Three distinct sections should appear: the moustache, the goatee and the soul patch. This is further characterized by slightly growing the chin area in a pointy downwards growth. Tending to it takes a bit of effort as growing hair on the jawline, cheek and neck area should always be carefully shaven off to create the desired impact. The moustache and goatee should remain disconnected by trimming any errant hairs that grow.

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