Men have limited ways to express themselves when it comes to their faces. Aside from styling their hair in certain ways and a few well-placed piercings there really is not much to do. Women on the other hand have so many ways to appear different or fashionable. The use of make up alone can provide them with a wealth of possibilities. Not that a man would want to use this to augment his looks. What is merely being underscored here is the need of every individual whether male or female, for self-expression.

A great trend in recent years has resurfaced. Men are fast becoming more updated with the current fad of growing a beard. This is an excellent way to display a man’s masculinity. It is something that is distinctly for males and establishes a clear sign of manhood. Growing one can certainly be achieved with enough patience and discipline. True, that someone who is of the right age can simply just let his facial hair grow. There are limits however to this strategy as all men are not alike, even when it comes to growing a beard. Some men are just more hirsute than others.

Letting the beard grow after a month or so is considered the basic length of time that must elapse before trimming it. Shaving your beard often to make it grow thicker is an absolute myth. This does not play a role whatsoever in building greater density for facial hair. The helpful recommendations are eating more red meat and using fish oil to increase the body’s testosterone levels. Using biotin is also advised to increase the rate of hair growth. It has Vitamins B6, C and E that are all helpful in achieving a fuller beard. The user just has to expect an increase in nail growth as well. Having a stress free lifestyle is likewise another beneficial suggestion. Being stressed will definitely cause hair loss on the face as well as on top of the head. How effective any of these methods are will really depend how the man’s body accepts them.

Genetics plays the key role on how thick a beard will grow. Not all men are meant to have a concentrated amount of facial hair. Some might grow it patchy or scarcely any at all. These are the men that might need to use of other means to increase the density of their beards. The use of spray on hair thickeners can do the trick for a short while. It may be effective but it is limited to good sunny weather and should be left untouched. Wetting it will only cause it to run and this could also leave some black marks on anything it touches. Hair surgery is available however for those who would like a more permanent solution.

Follicular unit extraction or FUE has long been used for balding on top of the head. The same type of hair transplant surgery however can be utilized for those who would like to have a thicker beard. Individual hair follicles can be taken either from the back of the head or from the body. These would be implanted on the recipient areas where beard growth is not as thick. There would be a recovery period of a few months before new hair would actually come to the surface. The wait will be worth it however as this can create the look that the patient has been longing for.

Not everyone can have a full beard. Men are simply born differently though that does not have to limit anyone from finding the means to achieve what they want. It is all a matter of finding the best method that would agree with their genetics or fast tracking it with the use of products and services. Growing a thicker beard is entirely possible for those who would like to find other ways to express their masculinity.

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