Everyone loves a good story of how a man is able to overcome his jaded past to emerge triumphant from it all. Dark times are not supposed to stay. They are there to teach people to find the light in themselves and guide them through it. This gives a better appreciation of what truly matters in a man’s life. No one would really know how good something is without experiencing the bad. Being able to admit that they have gone astray is the turning point toward the road to recovery. Deciding and actually taking the first step toward the right direction is perhaps the hardest part of the process. Doing this successively however is something that is inspiring to witness.

Such is the story of Phil Robertson. He was an exceptional quarterback for Louisiana Tech University who was recruited to join the Washington Redskins while still in college. His decision to turn his back on football because it did not coincide with duck hunting season, might have seemed ill advised at the time. He was able to finish his education and worked as a schoolteacher to provide for his growing family. His lowest period came when he was managing a bar. It was during this time that his wife left him. Phil however was able to turn this around by finding his true calling and rediscovering Catholicism. His love for duck hunting helped him to invent his famous duck call known as Duck Commander, a device that has been able to spawn a multi-million dollar business with the help of his family. Phil was eventually able to reunite with his wife, making the family whole again. It seems now that he was probably right to stick to his true passion instead of football.

It is the Robertson’s ongoing tale of success that has lead to a reality show spanning seven episodes on the A&E Channel entitled, Duck Dynasty. Phil, his three sons, his brother Si and their wives all work together to operate the family’s growing business empire. The show also presents the unique way they go about their personal lives. Phil is a staunch advocate for nature and the outdoors. He has a patent dislike for technology and gadgetry, something that he sees his grandchildren having great interest in. It also depicts how the brothers Alan, Jase, Willie and Jep as well as Si interact with each other. Everything is centered on their religious beliefs and of course their very noticeable beards.

Duck Dynasty without beards

Most of the main characters of the show have grown their facial hair long enough to cover their necks. This has been the trademark look of the Robertson men and everyone with the exception of Alan wears it at this length. They all did not always look like this however. Naturally, there was a time when they were clean-shaven with nothing but the skin on their faces. They are hardly recognizable without their beards however and it is difficult to tell who is who judging by their past photographs. Seeing the four Robertson brothers as children might give a clue if the one looking at it is aware of how they are separated in age. Alan would naturally be the tallest because he is the eldest. Next in line would be Jase, then Willie and finally Jep who is the youngest and smallest in the picture. The main difficulty however would be in distinguishing Phil from Si. These two have pictures of them appearing as young men. Telling them apart could be a real challenge without the long beards that the audience has become accustomed to.

Willie Robertson without a beard

Willie Robertson from Duck Dynasty without a beard

Duck Dynasty certainly has its own appeal due to how these men view religion as well as how they choose to groom themselves. Watching it has been something to look forward to. Everyone loves a winner no matter how they may come across physically or mentally, as evidenced by the millions of viewers representing the show’s avid fan base. The Robertson family can definitely be regarded as a success in themselves. Their story is not only entertaining to watch but inspirational as well.

Duck Dynasty

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