An education can go a long way toward building a good future. While this statement is not entirely full proof, it has a good chance of coming true. Being able to understand what it takes to excel at something does not have to be in academics. Just going for what makes a person happy should be more than enough. Both however, can co-exist. Passion can constitute the substance with which formal schooling can create a proper structure around to push it to greater heights.

Such has been the case with Phil and Willie Robertson, the father and son team that has propelled the Duck Commander brand into a multi-million dollar empire. It was Phil’s love for duck hunting that started the business but it was Willie’s savvy business expertise that helped grow it to become the enterprise that it is today. Their religious faith and dedication to their family has also been instrumental in creating a firm foundation in their everyday lives. They always have a limitless amount of energy to draw from. Aided by their other family members, the Duck Commander brand has become a true force to reckon with.

This unique mix of faith, family and ducks has not only caught the interest of their customers it has also garnered enough intrigue for the creation of a reality television series. Duck Dynasty has been a hit since first appearing on the A&E Channel in 2012. It is now on its seventh season and about eighty-two episodes and counting. The Robertson clan is without a doubt the first family of duck hunting.

It is quite entertaining to see how the household members, employees and friends on the show all interact with each other. Phil leads them all, but it is Willie who seems to really run the business. Their solid faith is what guides them through their days. Seeing how close-knit they are would not make anyone doubt how they were able to achieve success. It seems that it was not the love of money that got them to where they are but simply because they were passionate at what they do.

Willie Robertson without a beard

Without a beard, Willie Robertson looks nothing like his current public persona

There is one thing more that makes the Robertson men interesting. It is their symbolic ZZ Top beards. Their look may resemble that of the bearded musicians but it is a style that their viewers have come to know as distinctly their own. Their long facial hair seems to be a requirement to participate in the family business. Willie’s beard is just as robust as his brothers, with the exception of Alan who is the eldest among the four. He has chosen the life of a preacher though has been known to handle some public relations for Duck Commander. It is Willie however who is the CEO of the business and has also created a spin off called Buck Commander, a product line marketed for deer hunting. Along with his bearded crew called the Buckmen, Willie promotes and operates this venture for the Robertson clan.

He was not always as hirsute is he is today. There are still some photos of Willie that display him as being clean-shaven. It is difficult however to reconcile these images with his current appearance. Willie Robertson without a beard just does not look right. It might need some getting used to, after seeing him in seven seasons of Duck Dynasty with so much facial hair. The bearded look it seems is what truly works for him and the other men in his family. It is something that shows people that they have stayed true to their roots. This is probably what made them so successful in the first place and the reason that has endeared them to the hearts of many.

Willie Robertson with his beard

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