Being able to keep up with the trends can be demanding at times. It might be dressing up a certain way or getting the newest gadget. This can also be seen when people wait at long lines to try the newest restaurant or watch the latest movie. Whatever it may be, doing the in thing necessarily requires some effort. This does not usually come about easily and can also entail some research to get it right. Such is the case with most things and growing a beard is not excluded.

Men who have a good amount of facial hair generally appear more powerful and rugged. It is what most cultures have attached to being bearded. Those who are leaders of their community are usually more hirsute as they age. This has also been a sign of maturity and wisdom. Being able to grow a full beard then, may take time due to genetics. The density of man’s facial hair is really dependent on that one factor. Of course, there are other things that can influence how full it can turn out to be. The best way to start however is by finding out how the beard will look like if it grows naturally.

Putting away the razor is good, sound advice if length is the only goal to be achieved. A man might want to allow his facial hair to grow for at least a month before doing anything to it. This will create a good base from which he can determine what else it would need to make his beard appear thicker. Not all beards will grow the same way. Some will appear patchy while others can grow evenly. Again, more facial hair comes as a man ages however this is limited by his genetics. Seeing first what he has to work with after thirty days will help prevent him from doing unnecessary things to his face.

There are some aspects a man will experience as he grows his beard out. By the time the second week comes about, the hairs on his face could start curling back into his skin. This can tend to be itchy due to the ends having become hard and sharp due to shaving. Applying beard oil can help moisturize the growing hair. This can soften it, making it a bit more pliable when brushed to lengthen in the same direction. More importantly, the beard oil can penetrate into the skin underneath preventing it from becoming too dry. This can tend to flake when scratched, causing white specks that appear like dandruff upon the beard. Getting through this period will take some conscious effort. A man must also be mentally prepared for other things that will dissuade him from achieving his objective.

Physical challenges aside, there is also a psychological aspect to growing a beard. Friends and family members would tend to make side comments on a man’s new appearance. They might have some negative opinions about how his facial hair looks. He should take this into consideration but not until he has been able to go through a full month of growing his beard. Patience is the key trait that he will have to practice during this time.

Having finally reached the end of one month, a man will be able to see how his facial hair generally grows out. He can select a neckline from which to establish a perimeter for his beard. This is usually at the point where the head meets the neck. It is at this time where he can see if it lacks the necessary growth to achieve the look of a full beard. There are some temporary solutions for this such as spray on concealers. It can tend to run however when wet. Hair transplant surgery such as follicular unit extraction can be used for a more permanent growth. This is perhaps the most effective means available to ensure an appearance of a full beard.

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