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    Men with patchy looking facial hair living in the city of Sacramento need no longer look any further for a solution. Our clinic offers beard hair transplants at reasonable rates. Get in touch with us through this website for your free quotation.

    There may be similar establishments also operating in the city. We guarantee however that our prices will be one of the lowest there is. Our quotation can be used to check how we measure up against our competitors. Not only that, but the excellent quality of our services are sure to add more value to our affordable service fees. You can even set our quotation aside if you feel that you need more time to think about your treatment. Our patients are highly encouraged to be fully committed to their facial hair enhancement before anything else.


    Who says that you have to be limited by your genetics when it comes to growing a beard? The simplicity of the procedure would make any man want to have one. It only takes a few hours to complete coupled with a full day for recovery. Men who run tight schedules would eventually find the time to visit our clinic for treatment.

    Using the follicular unit extraction method makes it possible for men to have thick beards. This process was originally used to increase the density of scalp hair. It is now utilized for the same purpose though on a different part of the head. An experienced physician harvests hair from a particular area and implants these directly onto uneven portions of the beard. He can extract these hair follicles either from the head or body of the patient. The decision on where these “donor hair” is taken from usually lies with the latter.