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    Based in Brookfield just outside Milwaukee, we offer a range of beard transplant procedures to suit the requirements of every client. From density correction to the creation of full beards where there was previously no hair at all, we have experience in a full spectrum of scenarios.

    A full beard is a sign of strength and masculinity, and improves your image by completely re-defining your look. The benefits that your increased confidence will bring are numerous. Our clients commonly report better dating experiences, better relationships and improved career prospects as a direct result of their new-found attitude towards themselves and the world around them. The benefits of greater confidence simply cannot be overstated.

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    Our clinic specializes in the follicular unit extraction method. This is where our surgeons extract healthy hair follicles from the back of the head and implants them directly where facial hair is sparse. It only takes less than a day to complete. Patients can return to work unhindered, the very next morning.