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    Had enough of the dreaded razor rash so you decided to give a new beard a try? You stopped shaving months ago, endured the itching and scratching but persevered – and nothing? Is it ever going to happen? Are you ever going to achieve that bushy-bearded look that will give you a healthy, Cast Away appearance?

    The answer to your question is stop making so much effort because you really don’t have to! Medical science has evolved, and with these advances, the easy fix is here! Beard transplants are the now becoming more than a little iconic – just like the full on facial fuzz. They’ve been around for generations but courtesy of state-of-the-art procedures, you no longer have to endure something that is painful and expensive.

    Just a simple process , whereby our Lexington practitioner will extract up to four hair follicles from the rear of your head, where your hair is thickest. Which is then transplanted onto the recipient site. The result – that naturally growing beard that you’ve been after. So throw away that razor, wave goodbye to the itchy rash, and say hello to that bushy and masculine magnificence. Your friends will envy it, women will go wild for it – book your beard transplant appointment today.