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    The best educational institutions may be found in the city of Boston. Most men with patchy beards would be glad to know that their area also has one of the leading establishments for facial hair enhancements. Get your quotation at zero cost when you inquire with us online.

    Asking about how much your procedure might cost does not mean you are obligated to have it with us. You may even use it to see how we compare against other well-known facilities in Boston. We are certain that our prices are one of the most inexpensive that can be offered. This would be enough for most men to have their beard transplant done with us. We understand however that others require more time to decide. It could be due to time constraints because of work or other matters. The quotation may be used on a later date that is most convenient for them. In any case, the choice to come in for treatment is ultimately the choice of the client.


    Finding the time to visit our clinic is made easy with this procedure. It can be finished on the same day as you come in. There is hardly any need to return for a second session. Your beard will have a more even looking appearance after treatment. You will just need a full day’s rest before resuming your normal activities.

    There are different areas of the head or body where you may select to get hair follicles for your beard transplant. It is recommended to extract it from the back or sides of the head because it is easier to hide the spots where it was taken from. These hair follicles are then implanted directly unto the patchy areas of your beard. What results is a thicker, more masculine looking facial hair that can be styled any way you choose.