Men with facial hair have long been able to stand apart from those who are clean-shaven. It has long been considered by many cultures as a representation of masculinity and stature. A man is usually of a certain age before he can truly grow a full beard. Even then, it would take time and a great deal of patience to produce a thick amount of facial hair. Men should be ready to put away their razors for more than a month before their beards can be considered full-grown. They also have to deal with the itchiness that will surely come once the first or second week comes around. He must likewise be prepared for those who would discourage him from growing his beard. Despite all this, he has to stand firm in his decision to appear in his desired hirsute form.

There are various kinds of beards that a man can choose to style his facial hair into. The Van Dyke requires a bit of effort to maintain while the chin strip can be regarded as among the most simple to have. Growing a full beard is nice for its impactful effect though others prefer it a bit toned down. For those that do, the short boxed beard might be more their style.

This has all the makings of a full beard only more close cropped. It is characterized by facial hair growing from the areas of the jawline, cheeks, chin, soul patch and moustache. All of which should appear connected. The area below the chin and jawline should also exhibit some growth though neatly trimmed as well. It is recommended to have an established neckline about half an inch above the Adam’s apple. Anything below it should be shaved off. It is an option however to have some stubble fade from the neckline as it goes down the neck area. Note that this style has borders that are distinctly outlined. Rounding out the corners at the angle of the jaw and trimming the cheek area of any errant hairs will make this style look more evident.

Though most would want to have a clearly defined beard, genetics can limit them from doing so. A man may have the dedication and commitment to let his facial hair grow. He might however lack sufficient density to achieve the targeted result. A beard should not look patchy or forced. Otherwise, it loses its impact. It is probably better to be clean-shaven than to have lopsided looking facial hair.

Being able to achieve thick and uniform growth is important before even thinking of styling it in certain ways. For this reason, men who cannot do so have resorted to the use of different methods to help increase its density. Some take biotin supplements while others use spray on hair concealers. These can be effective but only to a limited degree. Hair transplant surgery such as follicular unit extraction can also be utilized to pinpoint areas that require more growth. This procedure extracts the patient’s actual hair follicles from the back of his head or other parts of his body and implants them unto sparse sections of his beard. Using follicular unit extraction will definitely provide the thickness required to style the kind of beard that a man is inclined to.

A short boxed beard will be easier to create through this hair transplant procedure. Any patchy appearance will not only be minimized but also totally eliminated. Note that this style of facial hair or any kind for that matter should be washed and moisturized routinely. Having a nice looking beard is not only due to how it is shaped. It is likewise the effect of how clean and healthy it appears.

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