A man who is resolute in his faith can be quite admirable. He acknowledges that there is a power greater than himself and believes in the good of others. Family is also the most important in their lives. They place them first before other things and draw strength from their relationships. Men such as these will usually excel at the things they do. It is no surprise they are unperturbed to face the challenges in life, usually with great success.

This is the case of the Robertson family. Their closeness and their views on life are quite admirable. They go by the motto of faith, family and interestingly, ducks. This was formed early on by Phil Robertson, patriarch of the clan and the one responsible for starting the family business Duck Commander. It is a venture that focuses on duck calls and other apparel associated with hunting. They have grown their passion for the outdoors into a multi-million dollar enterprise. This was accomplished through Phil’s guiding vision and in large part, through the help of his sons as well as his brother Si.

It may be true that Duck Commander is a family run business. Though some might think that professionalism might be hard to come by in such a setting, Willie and Jase Robertson might prove otherwise. They are the CEO and COO of the enterprise respectively. Being brothers, they are able to candidly exchange their views on what needs to be done in the business. As sons of Phil, they look to their father for guidance and the direction to take as they progress in the business.

Faith, family and ducks are not the only thing that keeps the bond of these Robertson men strong. They also have their noticeable beards that they all have in common as well. Their facial hair is so long that it has been able to provide different functions. Aside from the aesthetic aspect of it, these beards can also be used for hunting. It amusingly serves as camouflage while they are out sniping for ducks. This can also serve as a buffer from the wind, keeping their necks warm as they are out in the open fields and damp marshlands. Whatever the case may be, these beards have definitely set them apart and made them one of the most recognizable figures on television.

Duck Dynasty is the hit reality series that airs on A&E. It is currently the most watched non-fiction show of its genre. Phil was actually the one who had the idea to pitch it to the networks and the rest as they say, is history. Viewers can enjoy watching how the family runs their business and their daily lives. Jase for instance, is always demanding on what has been produced for that day. He does it in an outspoken and sometimes hilarious way that has endeared him to his fans. It may be the way he says it or it may just be his beard.

Jase was not always so vocal about his thoughts. Some viewers might not believe that he was quite shy before he openly practiced his faith. They probably would not be able to reconcile this with his current personality, even more so if he did not have a beard. Seeing Jase Robertson clean-shaven would make it difficult for anyone to recognize him. He would probably look like a completely different person after seeing him with facial hair throughout seven seasons of Duck Commander. A quiet and beard-free Jase would just not be the same man. Fortunately his foundation in his faith, family and ducks made him into the extroverted, bearded man he is today.

Jase Robertson

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