Determining what style best suits a man will only be apparent when it is seen. It is possible to hypothesize endlessly on how this would appear. Nothing will be as conclusive however as actually seeing the real thing. Though a person can debate on different topics when it comes to what is fashionable, there are also some facets of it that most could readily agree on. Proportions and usage of color almost always follow certain unwritten rules on what is acceptable. The opinion on whether it is “too little” or “too much” is settled once the balance of being “just right” is found. This line of thinking may also be applied to beards.

A man’s facial hair has always been linked to power and masculinity. It is a mark of adulthood, which separates the men from the boys. This also displays his virility to the opposite sex. With a beard, a male’s appearance becomes accentuated. He appears more experienced and commands the respect of other men around him. The more prominent it is, the better. This makes full beards that are long and black look increasingly ominous. Any man who wears a beard must make sure that it does not look patchy or weak as this could diminish its intended effect.

The density and color of facial hair is of course, limited to a man’s genetics. It will only grow as thick and as dark as his DNA will allow. A beard however does not need to be limited should its bearer choose. It can also be helped with the use of concealers and dyes. Men who would like to achieve a fuller, more masculine looking beard has taken advantage of these methods before. Another more permanent procedure to increase its density is through the use of follicular unit extraction. It is a form of hair transplant surgery that provides sufficient coverage for a balding scalp. There has been a steady demand for its application to create the appearance of a thicker beard. Men who have sought its assistance have enjoyed successful results.

Beards are meant to look distinguished and manly. Having blond facial hair for example, might not produce the same effect as those with darker tones. It gives an appearance of weakness, especially against the light. This can resemble the look of peach fuzz that grows on the faces of boys. It can be made worse when paired with thin eyebrows. Even a white beard has more impact than a blond one. This is because a man’s skin can closely resemble its yellowish color. It has a tendency to look less dense when viewed at certain angles. Growing a beard would be pointless if it is difficult to see. It is even made more useless if it makes the man seem less macho or unattractive. Dying it black or a rich brown could solve this problem. He just has to make sure that it looks suitable on his face, with the rest of the hair on his head. Otherwise, it might be best to just shave it off.

This does not include how a blond beard might appear when it is very thick and long. That is a different story altogether. It is mostly blond beards that are patchy or in its growth stage that suffer from lack of color and impact. Note that facial hair must always be groomed properly if it is to be appreciated in its full glory. This applies to beards of any length and of any color. Nobody wants to see a dirty and ragged looking beard. It portrays laziness instead of stature. Regularly washing and brushing it will ensure that it always looks clean and healthy.

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