Basketball is a great game whether watching or playing it. There is just something about the harmonious cooperation required to successfully overcome the other team. Scoring points is not the only component to win the game. Certain team members must contribute through rebounds, steals, assists or blocks. It is these other statistics that are crucial toward making it easier for teammates to score. They are also the same ones that make it more difficult for the opposing team to put the ball through the hoop. Some players might be able to excel at one or two of these components. Those who have superior skills in almost all of them however are exemplified by an elite few.

Seeing LeBron James play basketball is amazing to watch. He is everything that a coach could every want in a player. There has yet to be a limit on what he can do because he can deliver on both ends of the court. He accomplishes it with such dominance that having him on one team can sometimes seem unfair for the other. Scoring is not the only skill he uses to win with. He also helps his teammates score without much difficulty. His assists per game can surpass the averages of most of the starting point guards in the league. He also has a respectable rebound ranking at the small forward position. James is likewise a well-rounded defender. He blocks shots as well as steal the ball from any player not careful enough to protect it. King James is truly a complete player, rightfully deserving of his moniker.

There have been a lot of comparisons between him and Michael Jordan, widely regarded as the greatest to have every played the game. Kobe Bryant’s name has also been thrown into the conversation on more than one occasion. Physically it would seem that LeBron would be the most powerful among the three. He is bigger, stronger and freakishly faster. In terms of achievement however, James still has a long way to go. The sport of basketball does not consider potential as a factor to be considered among the titans of the game. It counts championships. Jordan has six while Bryant has five. This is the ultimate accomplishment that speaks volumes about how effective and valuable a player is to his team.

LeBron’s main task is to win but he also likes to do it in style, whether on or off the court. He is regarded as one of the most fashionable players in the business. King James has been featured in different magazines and has even produced the very first NBA Fashion Show. Clothing is not the only way he expresses himself however. He also does this through his tattoos as well as his facial hair.

James has always had some growth on his chin. It was a bit sparse during his rookie season but has steadily increased throughout the years. Some might say that it has the makings of a curtain beard. There is just an addition of a detached moustache as well as a soul patch. Emulating this look might be easier than playing the way he does. It would probably take a month or two to grow a good amount of facial hair before being able to sculpt it the same way. There are other solutions however for those who have difficulty getting to the same amount of thickness.

Follicular unit extraction or FUE has long been used to create denser hair for a balding scalp. The same technology may now be utilized to increase beard growth. All that needs to be done is to take healthy hair follicles from the head or the body and implant them to the portions of the face where it is a bit patchy. Playing basketball like King James may be close to impossible but having a beard the same as his might be more attainable with FUE.

LeBron James with his famous beard

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