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    The nation’s capital houses a multitude of governmental buildings and offices. Do you know that there is also a beard transplant clinic in Washington, D.C.? Find out our rates by contacting us through this webpage.

    Anybody can request for a quotation. It is absolutely free of charge and with no obligation to enlist our services. Our service fee is also guaranteed to be among the most affordable that may be found in Washington, D.C. There have been some clients that used our quotations and compared it with other establishments in the area. They were able to discover that what they received was in fact one of the lowest available. More importantly, they can expect excellent quality services when they visit the clinic.


    You may request for an appointment to get treated if the quotation is agreeable to you. It is also possible to delay the date of your procedure when your schedule permits. We encourage you to decide only when you are completely ready.

    The beard transplant is a relatively quick process. An experienced physician can usually complete it in a few hours. Patients can go home right after they receive treatment. They only need to allot twenty-four hours to recover from the procedure.

    This is a tried and tested process. The follicular unit extraction method is used to construct the facial hair using a pre-selected area either from the head or body of the patient. It is a matter of harvesting these healthy hair follicles and grafting them directly unto the patchy areas of the patient’s beard.

    Get your free quotation today to know how affordable it is to get a full beard.