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    How awesome would it be to finally have a thick beard that you have been trying so hard to achieve? For men living in the Virginia Beach area, this possibility can become a reality. Look through this webpage to know how to receive your complimentary estimate of our fees.

    Getting treatment for your facial hair with us is not an obligation. The quotation we send out is mainly to assist in learning more about how much a beard transplant should cost. Feel free to use this to check our rates against our competitors in the Virginia Beach area. We are glad to share our expertise at affordable prices. Those who want to defer their procedure at a later date may do so. They can simply set aside their quotation and use it on the day they decide is best for them. You may of course, set an appointment if you already resolved to get treated.


    Sparsely growing facial hair is simply better when shaven off. It does not pull off the desired effect. Getting a more masculine appearance however has never been simpler. Our clinic can provide you with a more hirsute image within a day. Combined with a full day’s rest, you may have a thicker beard over the weekend. This will make it easy for anyone to have a beard hair transplant despite a busy work schedule.

    We are able to provide these services through follicular unit extraction. This method has long been in use to increase the density of sparse scalp hair. The same process has been proven to be effective in boosting beard growth by harvesting healthy hair follicles from predetermined areas of the patient’s head or body and transplanting them unto the facial area.

    Find out how you can achieve a bearded look by contacting us today.