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    How would it feel to finally be able to get your patchy beard to grow more hair? Men who are within and around the vicinity of Tulsa can access this page to request for a free beard transplant quotation.

    There is no obligation to actually receive treatment from us. The complimentary estimate may even be used to compare our rates with similar services in Tulsa. We guarantee that our low prices give the most value for our exemplary services. Are you still feeling a bit undecided to come in for facial hair enhancement? There is no need to worry about it. You can use your quotation on another day. We support the need of our patients to be one hundred percent committed to this life changing procedure before scheduling an appointment. Of course, you may notify us about your visit if you are already sure about having a more masculine appearance.


    Some men think that they should content themselves with their sparse looking facial hair. Genetics certainly plays a large role in this belief. Why would you want to stay the same when you know that there is a solution to your predicament? Our clinic can change this within a few hours. The entire process is eventually completed after allowing a full day to recover immediately after the procedure.

    The technique used for a beard transplant has long been in use to increase the density of scalp hair. It requires the extraction of healthy hair follicles that come from the patient’s head or body and grafted directly unto his uneven facial hair. He usually selects the sides or back of the head to harvest these “donor hair” because it is easier to camouflage the points of extraction with his remaining hair.

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