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    Get a more masculine looking beard in your city. Our webpage can help guide you to receive the facial hair enhancement you have always wanted. Contact us to request for a complimentary assessment of our fees.

    This quotation is given without any condition to hire us for your procedure. In fact, you may even use this to compare our rates with other similarly established clinics in Tucson. We only hope to give you information on how much we feel you should pay for a high quality beard transplant. Our prices will surely be among the most affordable in the city. You may also have the choice to defer getting treatment. We understand that some clients have extremely busy schedules. Try to visit us as soon as you can however. Each day you put it off is another day that could have been spent having the kind of beard you always wished for.


    Many patients are surprised at how quick our process is. They only need to allocate a day for their treatment and another one for them to recuperate. This is certainly manageable for those with a busy workweek. One weekend is all that is necessary to get the results that have been difficult to get from other products or services. Our Tucson clinic is more than capable to ensure that no time is wasted in accomplishing this for you.

    The procedure entails moving healthy hair follicles where it is dense to areas of the beard that is sparse. That is actually all there is to it. An experienced physician extracts these from the head or the body of the patient. It is the latter that decides where this is taken from. The sides and back of the head is preferred because of the higher concentration of remaining hair strands after the procedure.