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    Beards are back – and with a shaginess that will even give Gandalf a run for his money. And be rest assured, that clean shaven look isn’t intending to make it’s comeback anytime soon. Yet even if it did come back, those facial follicles certainly have made their mark over time and they are destined to make their mark in the history books to come.

    Yet what do you do when you’re simply more fluff, than full on fuzz? You’ve got that baby-face and you want that masculine, streamlined beard-clad one? The answer is simple – a beard transplant at our Tampa clinic, of course! Plucking groups of up to four hairs from the rear of your scalp where your hair is at it’s very thickest, it’s followed on by the simple procedure of rehoming them.

    In turn, this then allows you to grow a natural beard with both ease and efficiency. It’s affordable and it’s quick, effective and simple. And to boot, it will give you that air of masculinity that you’ve been searching for. A beard is that ultimate fashion accessory, giving you a way to truly express your own unique style and panache. Beards are on the rise, they are the new hot topic and beard transplants are the way forward. Get bushiness into your life and give yourself the confidence you’ve been searching for.