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    It’s clear and obvious to any of you that, currently, the hottest new trend that is out there on our Stockton sidewalks are facial follicles. The beard is back (not that it ever particularly departed completely), and it’s definitely destined to remain in place, as a firm fixture. Yet what are you going to do if you were blessed with nothing short of that naturally clean-shaven and baby-faced look?

    How on earth do you embrace that desired and rugged effect that the beard will give you if you don’t have what it takes to grow one? We know that your friends all have one and that women will certainly go wild for them, yet you know you’re never going to cut it in the facial fuzz stakes… or so you thought!

    The great news is, that beard transplants are on the rise and evolving. It’s the new medical procedure that has never been more affordable or easier. Plucking hairs from the rear of your scalp and placing them in their recipient site, a beard transplant will enable you to grow a natural beard with effective style and decorum! That manly beard of your dreams is just one small and simple step away!