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    There’s no escaping it, the beard boom is upon us and it’s a firm fixture on everyone’s sidewalk. Yet is that so unusual? For generations, facial follicles have been popular. That bushy beard is, as ever it always was, wildly wonderful and attracting women, like bees to a honeypot – for those lucky guys that are able to grow them. Yet what happens when you’re more baby-faced than bushy beard?

    What’s the solution to growing a naturally healthy beard when you don’t have the goods to cut it? If you’re looking to seriously rock something rugged, and you live in St Louis, then maybe it’s time to consider a beard transplant? Courtesy of the evolution of medical science the process has never been simpler.

    Plucking up to four hairs from the rear of your scalp where it’s naturally at its thickest, they are then
    given a new and comfortable home, enabling you to grow a full and natural beard. So if you’re looking to elevate from fluff, to full bushy fuzz, using a method that is simple and affordable, then pick up the phone and make your beard transplant rendezvous today. It will transform your confidence and give you a look that will be healthy and in tune with fashion and time.