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    The city of Seattle is known for its wonderful coffee and big business. Men who stay and work here will be happy to learn that facial hair enhancements are available in their area. They can request for an estimate of expenses through this page.

    This quotation will allow you to compare our prices with other clinics in Seattle. You will discover that ours will be one of the lowest in the city. This quotation will not require you to get your beard transplant with us. It is for information purposes only and is not meant to serve as a contract for our services. We would of course, welcome the opportunity to undertake the treatment for you. There are some patients however that would rather have it done on a later date. They can choose to set the quotation aside until they feel that it is the right time to schedule an appointment.


    Getting a bushier beard has never been easier. Those who would like to achieve thicker looking facial hair only have to come in for treatment. The entire process takes less than a day to finish. Patients are only required to allow twenty-four hours to elapse before they continue with their regular activities. This can most certainly be included in anybody’s busy schedule.

    Beard hair transplantation is essentially the follicular unit extraction method. This has been successful in creating more density for balding scalp hair. It is the process of moving healthy hair follicles from the head or the body and implanting this unto the patchy areas of the beard. The end result is more uniform looking facial hair that is free from obvious spots or inconsistencies.