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    Does your facial hair suffer from sparse or patchy growth? Residents of San Jose used to have to visit other cities in California just to have their beards treated. This website can put you within reach of the clinic in your area. Contact us to get an estimate for our services, free of charge.

    Those interested are at liberty to engage our services or not. The quotation is merely given to provide an idea on how much your beard transplant may potentially cost. A prospective client can use it to compare prices with other establishments or even set it aside should he need more time to decide. Our San Jose clinic however will most likely have one of the lowest fees in the general vicinity. It would certainly be worth undergoing a procedure with us upon receiving your quotation. The quality of our services will not be compromised by our lower prices.


    The hirsute look has always been a physical sign of masculinity. This of course does not mean that those who cannot grow one are any less manly. Some are simply able to grow it thicker than others through a stroke of genetic luck. Those who cannot however are not left without recourse. They now have the option to get facial hair enhancements.

    It is worth noting that this procedure will take less than a day to complete. Healthy hair follicles in certain areas of the body or head are selected and then transplanted unto the patchy sections of the beard. Most importantly, the recovery period will most likely be complete after twenty-four hours.

    Inquire today and find out how we can be of service to you.