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    The second largest city in California can now provide assistance for your beard enhancement needs. Our San Diego clinic is qualified to assess your requirement and give you an estimate on its potential cost.

    This quotation is free of charge with no strings attached. Those who inquire are even encouraged to verify our prices with other establishments. You will find that it will be one of the most affordable ones in the area compared to those clinics providing services of similar quality. The quotation may also be kept should you decide to have your beard transplant with us a bit later. Our San Diego clinic is guaranteed to have one of the most tempting offers in the city.


    You will discover that getting your beard treated with us is a quick procedure. Our clients enter the clinic with the usual sparse and uneven looking growth. They emerge just a few hours later with a more prominent looking and robust beard. It is that simple. Even the recovery period gives the patients a relatively easy time. Men will only need a day or so before they can resume their normal activities. This makes it very convenient for anyone to incorporate it into his busy day.

    Beard hair transplants are done by locating a suitable patch of healthy hair and moving it to the facial area. This will usually come from the back or the sides of the head. It is usually here where harvesting healthy hair follicles are most ideal for the purposes of beard enhancement. Evidence of the extraction will be hardly noticeable when performed by a skilled physician. Other parts of the body however, may also yield suitable hair follicles. The choice is yours where you would like these to be taken from.