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    Do you live or work in San Antonio? Use the facility on this page to obtain a free and very competitive quotation for a beard transplant procedure.

    You are under no obligation. When you receive your quotation, it is up to you what you choose to do with it. You can accept the quotation and proceed with treatment, you could compare it with other quotations you’ve received, and of course you can file it away for another day. However please note that the quotation you receive is very likely to be the cheapest price available for a procedure versus other reputable clinics in San Antonio. We want your quotation to be as attractive as possible, however the decision is yours.

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    A beard transplant is the only way to achieve a thicker, more masculine beard. If a better beard is what you’re looking for, you will be pleased to know that the beard transplantation process is actually very simple. Completed in a single day and with your anticipated downtime being no more than 24 hours, even the busiest of men can fit their transformation into their schedules.

    The procedure involves the movement of healthy hair follicles from elsewhere on the body to the beard area. The most common donor site is the back of the head where hair is dense and resilient, and where the removal of hair is easily camouflaged. However it is increasingly common for other parts of the body to be harvested for suitable hair. Where the hair is harvested from is up to you, and can be discussed with your physician should you choose to proceed.