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    Have you always wanted that wild and unruly bearded look but never quite been able to achieve it? Your fuzz just never seems to grow beyond the pitiful stage of patchy fluff? That beard fashion is back with a vengence and it’s not going away! You’ve given it one last and final attempt but even after months of sterling efforts, it’s still not happening and you’ve not idea what to do about it! You’re rocking the fact that you’ve passed by that itching phaze, you’re overjoyed to no longer suffer razor rash. Yet your beard is just patchy looking and paltry. Is there a solution to growing a bushy beard when you haven’t got what it takes?

    Well, there’s some great news out there for Saint Paul citizens! There certainly is a way to achieve that look – and it’s permanent, affordable and easy. More and more guys, like yourselves, are turning to beard transplants for that enviable and rugged look – and they work! Beard transplants have seriously evolved.

    It’s just a simple case of plucking hair from where it naturally is at it’s thickest, and then transplanting them over to their new home. The result? A naturally growing beard that will be the ultimate envy of all of your friends!