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    Fed up of the shaving trap and the rash that goes with it? Looking for that rugged masculinity and the beard is the edge that’s going to cut it? “But I’ve been trying for months”, we’re hearing you all cry. “Nothing is happening other than a patchy, itchy mess!”. Well, we heard you the first time. Yet if you were destined to be more baby-faced than facial follicle fantastic, you’ll, no doubt, be looking for a solution. There’s no fun in wasting your life shaving when you know as well as the next man that it’s just barely there.

    So why not consider an alternative. Give yourself some real manliness along with an additional confidence boost, and get booking your appointment in Riverside for a beard transplant today. It’s the modern man’s solution to the bushy beard, offering groundbreaking techniques to give you the look you desire.

    Taking groups of up to four hairs and extracting them from the rear of your scalp where your hair is at it’s thickest, they are then placed in their new home to give you a naturally growing beard. So for that rugged and heroic, in vogue appearance, bag yourself a beard and be the envy of all your friends.