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    Men understand that having a thick beard can project an air of strength and masculinity. While it does not necessarily make a person less of a man if he has patchy facial hair, the ability to grow a full beard is certainly a welcome option. Know how affordable it can be to have one by using this page to request for a free estimate.

    Our Raleigh clinic caters to men living and working in the area. Note that our quotation does not automatically bind you to engage our services. This may even be used to compare our prices with other similarly established clinics operating in the area. We are glad to offer exemplary beard transplant procedures at reasonable rates. Men who require more time to decide are encouraged to do so. They can set aside their quotation to be used at a later date. Those who are already certain that a facial hair enhancement is for them however can set an appointment for their treatment.


    How long would it take for men with patchy facial hair to make it grow evenly? The answer lies in their genetics and only time will tell when it will finally happen. Our establishment in Raleigh is available for those who feel that the uncertainty may be too long to wait. Clients can enjoy getting a complete beard transplant in less than a few hours. This only requires an addition full day’s rest before returning to a regular work schedule.

    The process essentially involves the movement of healthy hair follicles from their original spot to the sparse areas of the beard. This is taken either from the head or body of the patient, usually selected by him before the start of the treatment.

    Know how affordable it is to get a beard transplant by inquiring about our rates today.