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    Living in the city of Portland has many perks. For men, one of them is the presence of a beard transplant clinic. Would you like to know more about it? Contact us through this page to get a quotation free of charge.

    Please be informed that you are not expected to engage our services. We only hope to provide you with competitive rates that you may check with other establishments. It is guaranteed to be one of the lowest in Portland. The excellent quality of this procedure will certainly make our affordability even more worth its price. It is of course, your decision if you would like to continue with an appointment to visit our clinic. This quotation may be used at a later date however should you choose to receive treatment at another time.


    It is true that there may be other ways to increase your facial hair. These methods however, pale in comparison to beard hair transplants. It is simply faster, more precise and longer lasting. An entire procedure will only require less than a day to complete. This in turn, will have a minimal recovery period of twenty-four hours. How easy is that to fit in your schedule?

    The best way to have increased facial hair is through the use of the follicular unit extraction method. Removing healthy hair follicles from a designated donor area is crucial to this process. It can either come from the head or the body of the patient. The physician takes these and implants them unto the sparse areas of the beard. Some prefer taking hair follicles from the head because it is easier to hide the spots left by the procedure.