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    Without doubt, facial hair is back, and it’s back with avengence! Beards are the way forwards. They are masculine, women go crazy for them, they’re sexy and they ooze manliness like nothing else on earth. It’s a fashion fixture, and a fasion statement, and it’s refusing to go away. Yet what happens if you’ve not got the desired elements that’s required for full fuzz facial follicle perfection? What’s the solution to a bushy beard when you’re more baby-faced than bristling beard?

    The answer, to that not really overly complicated conundrum, is a beard transplant at our Plano clinic. They’re fast and they’re efficient and more popular and affordable than ever before. And thankfully, they’ve evolved!

    A beard transplant is now just a simple procedure where hair follicles are extracted from the rear of your head, where it grows at it’s thickest, and then rehomed in your beard zone. The result? A naturally growing beard that will make your smooth looking face a thing of the past. You’ll not only ask yourself what all the fuss was about? You’ll also query why it took you so long. So dive on in, book that appointment today – the beard is back and razor rash is just so last year!