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    We established a beard transplant clinic in Palo Alto following increasing demand from local residents, who previously had to travel to San Francisco or San Jose for their procedures. We are pleased to offer a world class beard transplant service right in the city of Palo Alto.

    Our renowned follicular unit extraction technique is now the industry standard in hair transplantation, and we apply the same process to beard transplants. Using hair from a suitable donor site, we move healthy hair follicles to your beard area to create the exact shape and style you always wanted.

    Find out how you look like with increased facial hair:

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    Any man can look more masculine through the use of our follicular unit extraction technique. Our experienced surgeons will harvest healthy hair follicles from the back of the head and directly implant these where facial hair is sparse. Patients can feel secure that this can be completed on the same day.

    Come visit us for your free consultation. The Palo Alto clinic has the very best physicians in the industry to answer your questions about this revolutionary treatment. We will gladly assist you regarding any queries you may have about the procedure.