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    Get a more masculine look through our beard transplant procedure. Men who reside or work in Omaha now have the option to enhance their image. Our clinic can be contacted through this page to request for a free quotation for our services.

    Those interested need not worry about being required to come in for treatment. There are no strings attached to your complimentary quotation. This may even be used to find out how reasonable our rates are compared to other establishments in Omaha. Note that our facial hair enhancements provide excellent results despite its relatively low price. Some might require more time to decide. That is perfectly fine. Patients are encouraged to be fully committed to the procedure before actually coming in for treatment. They may even set their quotation aside and use it for another day. Those who are already decided however are free to set an appointment for their visit.


    How many times must you have to stare at the mirror wondering when your bristles will finally cover the patchy areas of your beard? If you have had enough of this uncertainty then it is time for you to get a facial hair enhancement with us. You will be delighted to know that your busy schedule will hardly be affected by this treatment. It can be completed on the same day that you come to our clinic. Another day is required to allow you to recuperate your procedure before you may resume your regular activities.

    Follicular unit extraction makes this possible for men with sparse beards. It basically takes healthy hair follicles from the patient’s head or body and grafts them unto his facial area. The client usually decides where these donor hairs will be harvested at the beginning of the process.