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    How would you like to have a thicker beard in less than three days? Sounds impossible? Allow us to show you otherwise. Residents of Oklahoma can use this webpage to request for a complimentary quotation with no catch involved.

    The main purpose of this free service is to inform you about the benefits of our procedure and how affordable it can be for you. This quotation may even be used to examine the prices of other establishments of good quality in the area. You will discover that our rates are very competitive and might even turn out to be the lowest. This of course, does not necessarily mean that the quality our procedure will be in similarly placed. We assure you that you may expect only the most excellent of services from our establishment. There are clients however who choose to save their quotation for some other time. That is quite all right. On the other hand, those who are ready to start growing a robust looking beard can contact us today.


    Who says that having great looking facial hair needs to take a long time to attain? Our Oklahoma clinic can prove otherwise. Each patient only has to set aside a few hours from his busy schedule to allow us to perform the beard transplant procedure. In addition to this, he must allot twenty-four hours to allow himself to recover from the treatment.

    We are able to even out any kind of spotty beard growth. This is accomplished by moving healthy hair follicles from a place designated by the patient to that which requires coverage. The sides and back of the head is usually selected to be the donor area. This is because of the ease in camouflaging the extraction points with the hair that surrounds it. Hair from other parts of the body however, can also be used.