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    Rooting for a championship basketball team is the pride of any city. The men of Oakland now have another thing they can be happy about. Our clinic can provide those with uneven beards with a solution. If you want to know more about our services, contact us online and receive a quotation for a beard transplant absolutely free of charge.

    Having to walk around with a patchy beard can be a thing of the past. Use our quotation to find out how reasonable our rates are in comparison with other establishments offering similar services in the city of Oakland. You will be pleased to see that we are able to provide you with top-notch facial hair enhancements at a very low cost. Those needing more time to decide when they would like to have their procedure can simply set aside their quotation. They can pull this up on the date that is most convenient for them. If you feel ready to start growing a full beard however, all you need to do is schedule the best time for you to visit our clinic.


    Have you always dreamed of getting a more robust looking beard? Are your genetics limiting the rate at which your facial hair can grow thicker and more evenly? Your wait is finally over. Our beard transplants can be completed in a matter of a few hours. You only need a full day away from your regular work schedule to allow yourself to recuperate.

    The science behind this process is the tried and tested follicular unit extraction method. It harvests the healthy hair follicles at the sides or back of the head and grafts them unto the facial area of the client. Some parts of the patient’s body can also be used for this procedure though the head is usually preferred.