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    On every corner of every avenue, you’ll turn your head and see men, of all walks of life, sporting some fabulous facial hair. They’re long and luscious, neat and manicured, and be assured, they are all masculine and wildly attractive. Beards are making a serious comeback and it doesn’t look as if this particular fashion statement is going to give way anytime soon.

    Yet with the desire for a look that is purely alpha male, comes the problem of growing the damn thing. What if you’re lacking what it takes to get beyond the moustache and just a scattering of fluff? You’ve got it all, yet you’re missing the essential facial follicles? Fear not! If you’re now looking to elevate from some patchy fuzz to the whole nine yards, beard transplants are your way forward.

    During the procedure at our New Orleans clinic, there are single hair follicles that are extracted from the rear of the head where your hair is thickest. It’s then transplanted into its new zone which will enable you to have that naturally growing beard that you’ve always wanted. So go and take that plunge, get booking your beard transplant as the beard boom is here and it’s growing thick and fast.