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    The beard is the new Sunday best. They are drapery at it’s very finest. It’s the new costume for everyday wear that’s being sported by the real men. Beards are sexy and awesome, fabulous and fantastic. Yet what are you going to do if you’re more baby-faced than bearded? Not everyone has been blessed with those facial follicles that are required for a busting bush. You’re fed up of shaving the almost nonexistent one that you’ve already got.

    What’s the answer? You need to get a beard transplant, of course. Thankfully, the science behind beard transplants has evolved. It’s now possible to take individual groups of hair from the back of your head where it’s at it’s thickest. It’s then transplanted directly onto your beard zone, giving you an amazing look that is pure and to die for.

    Before you know it you’ll be looking like something from Castaway and women will be falling at your feet in awe. They love them, they crave for them and it will make you look seriously healthy and attractive. And a spectacular beard means you’ll say goodbye to all that razor rash and look stylishly phenomenal to boot. What on earth are you waiting for – go and book that beard transplant appointment in Minneapolis today!