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    Being in a city which puts a premium on your image can put a bit of pressure to invest a little on your appearance. This is a feeling the men of Miami are all too familiar with. Ask us about our free quotation to know just how affordable it is to get a beard transplant.

    This complimentary estimate has no strings attached to it. You may even compare our fees with other equally established clinics in Miami. We are confident that you will discover that our rates are very reasonable in comparison to them. It is guaranteed that you will enjoy only the best possible facial hair enhancement that the city has to offer. Men that require more time to think about this life changing procedure have the option to defer treatment. They may simply use our quotation on the day of their choosing. If you are among those who are clear on getting a full beard, all you need to do is make an appointment with us to visit our clinic.


    Are you tired of wanting a robust beard but have been waiting in vain to get one? There is no need for further delay. Come schedule a beard transplant procedure with us and have even, uniform looking facial hair in less than a day. You only need to allocate an additional twenty-four hours after the treatment to allow yourself to recover.

    The amazing results that follicular unit extraction has provided for men with balding scalp hair can also benefit those with patchy beards. Its technique is relatively the same. This involves the harvesting of healthy hair follicles from a pre-selected donor area and transplanting them unto the patient’s uneven facial hair. There would hardly be any evidence of this procedure, especially if the sides or back of the head was used to provide the hair follicles.