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    Men residing or working in Memphis with uneven looking beards now have the option to make them appear more consistent. Contact us to get a quotation for our services, free of charge.

    Get one of the most affordable beard transplants in the area. We guarantee that our clinic can provide you with results at the most competitive prices. This free quotation has no strings attached. You can choose to compare our rates with other establishments in the city. We are certain that our Memphis facility offers one the best-priced services available. You may also choose to set our quotation aside to be used on a later date. We encourage our clients to decide only when they feel most comfortable to do so.


    The beauty of this procedure is in its simplicity. A beard transplant can be completed in a matter of a few hours. There is hardly any need to return for a follow-up procedure. Clients only need to wait for their skin to heal for about a day or so. This allows them to find a suitable time to have their enhancements despite their busy schedule.

    Getting the best results comes from selecting the right hair follicles to use. It is recommended to take it from the back or the sides of the head. The existing hair strands makes it easier to hide the extraction area. Hair on other parts of the body may also be used at the option of the patient. These hair follicles are removed from the donor areas and directly grafted unto the uneven areas of the beard. What results is a thicker beard that any man would approve of.