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    Men who want a thicker beard can now get theirs enhanced at our Louisville clinic. They may get a free quotation by requesting for one through this page.

    Getting a quotation does not in any way, bind you to have your treatment with us. Its purpose is to inform you about the potential expenses that come along with having a beard hair transplant. You may also use it to find out how our rates compare with other clinics in Louisville. There is a good chance that we will be among the lowest in price but highest in terms of quality, guaranteed. This would be enough for most men to schedule an appointment. It is perfectly all right though if you need to more time to decide. You have the option to save the quotation for use at a later date.


    Men with uneven beards can now grow it the way they want to. Having a treatment with us will make this possible. It is a quick process, taking just a few hours to complete. Your beard will be evident right after the physician is done with the procedure. You will only need a full day to recover from this before you resume your regular activities. This makes it quite easy to find the time to get one.

    Follicular unit extraction is the method used to create a successful beard transplant. The physician asks the patient where he would like the hair follicles to be harvested. If it is viable, the physician proceeds with the extraction. It is the sides and back of the head however that is most ideal to yield healthy hair follicles. This is because of the ease at which donor areas easily hidden by the remaining hair strands.