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    There are some who believe that “image is everything”. This saying might be more of a lifestyle for those living in Long Beach, so close to the town of glitz and glamour. Men with patchy looking beards would probably welcome a solution to boost their masculine appearance. This page can provide you with more information on facial hair enhancements as well as an estimate of our fees, free of charge.

    Our clinic seeks to give the most value for your money in terms of high quality services. The quotation you receive from us does not bind you in any way to get treatment. It may even be used to compare our rates with similar establishments in the Long Beach area. We are confident that our prices are among the most affordable in the market. Patients who are a bit undecided are encouraged to take their time before proceeding. This quotation can be put away for later use. Those however that have are ready to see what a beard transplant can do for their lifestyle are most welcome to contact us for an appointment.


    What man would not want to have the option to grow a full beard? Masculinity is often associated with a more hirsute appearance. This makes it almost an expectation for men to appear with at least a moderate amount of facial hair every so often. Our procedure only takes less than a day to complete followed by a required twenty-four hour rest period.

    This is accomplished through a simple process of moving healthy hair follicles from a designated area, unto the patchy spots of your beard. These hairs are usually taken either from your head or on different parts of your body. The choice where to harvest the hair follicles is usually left with the patient.