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    Men know what they want when it comes to facial hair. This usually means the freedom to grow it as thick and robust as they possibly can. It is an option that most men would like to have. Receive a complimentary estimate for our services when you contact us on this page.

    There is no obligation to make an appointment with us. The purpose of this quotation is mainly for you to have an idea on how much a beard transplant should cost. You may even use it to see how we measure up against other high quality establishments. We assure you that our Kansas clinic can provide exemplary services and very competitive prices. Patients who are ready to receive their facial hair enhancements can schedule a visit with us. Those who require more time to decide may save the quotation for a later date. Feel free to notify us for any queries you need assistance with.


    A full beard represents strength and virility. This holds true even though it is based mostly on appearances. Getting this look requires a uniform, even growth. Our Kansas clinic can efficiently provide this service for you in a matter of hours. Your transformation will be complete even before you step out of our facility. Clients however must set aside a full day to recuperate before resuming their normally busy schedules.

    The procedure extracts healthy hair follicles and grafts them directly unto the patchy areas of your beard. These usually come from designated parts of your head or body. Hair follicles should ideally be harvested the sides or back of the head because it is easier to camouflage the extraction points with the hair that surrounds it.