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    You’ve seen them on the sidewalks, your girlfriend has been showing you pictures of them on catwalks. You rock the idea but deep down in your heart of hearts… you know it’s a waste of time! Beards! The problem? Easy! You were born with a look that was destined for clean shaven. No matter how much you try, and really, you’ve tried. You’re fully aware that even if you atempt to grow that awesome, masculine and manly beard – it’s not going to happen as you’d like! Not everyone has been blessed with full beard potential. Many guys can’t get beyond just a paltry amount of fluff, for others, it won’t even reach that stage.

    But what do you do if you truly want a bushy and unruly beard yet you don’t have what it takes to grow one? Well, the answer is at your fingertips, available in Greensboro and it’s rocking the globe more than ever before. The beard transplant! Yes, you heard us correctly, a beard transplant… and they’ve evolved.

    Plucking hair from the rear of your scalp where it’s at it’s thickest, your practitioner will then give them a new home where it matters the most. Full facial follicles are just a small step away. A naturally growing beard that looks healthy and awesome!