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    Finding a good aesthetic clinic might be easy in the State of California. Locating one with competitive rates could probably be a bit more difficult. Our Fresno branch will certainly convince you that you have found the right one. Contact us online and receive a complimentary quotation.

    This free estimate is given to provide you with an idea on how affordable a beard transplant can be. It can also be used to compare it with other establishments you might be considering. Note that there is absolutely no obligation to have your treatment with our Fresno clinic. The exemplary quality of our services coupled with reasonable prices may be enough to convince you otherwise. There are others however who require more time to make their decision. They can set aside their quotation to be used on another day. We encourage our patients to take as much time as they deem necessary.


    Quick results are always welcome, especially when it comes to getting a thicker beard. Who would not want to have more masculine looking facial hair? Our clients can expect to spend about a day at our clinic. Nothing more. The following day is mainly used to recover from the procedure. These are but two days required for a patchy beard to transform into a more robust looking presence.

    The secret is the use of the follicular unit extraction method. It harvests hair follicles from an agreed area and implants these directly unto the beard where growth is sparse. Extracting them from the head is usually more ideal. This is because of the relative ease at which these donor areas can be camouflaged by the existing hair surrounding it.